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The Craziest Ending To A Game In Lacrosse History Featuring Maryland And Denver

As uneventful as the quarterfinals were last weekend, the 2 semifinal games today at Gillette were as entertaining as possible. Two different 1 goal games and I’ll have a full recap of them ready for tomorrow. But for right now, we have to talk about what we just saw in the final 2 minutes of Maryland vs Denver.

To set the stage. Maryland is up 9-8 with less than 2 minutes left. Matt Rambo finds Colin Heacock on the crease and Heacock looks to seal the deal for the Terps with a ridiculous handle inside and dives to finish. The way he’s able to handle the pass, protect his stick and contort his body through the air to get that shot off shouldn’t be possible. But because the toes of his right foot land inside the crease, it’s no goal and now Denver has a chance to send this game into overtime.

Which brings us to Connor Donahue.

One of the most athletic plays you’ll ever see in the game. In the biggest moment of the season. Less than 10 seconds left to play in a 1-goal game. Protects his stick. Goes airborn. Finishes across his body. But again, ends up in the crease after the ball is already in the net and it’s a no-goal. The best play of the season and it’s a no-goal because of a horribly shitty rule.

Two ridiculously exciting plays and neither of them have a real impact on the game because the rules of college lacrosse are atrocious. If that was your first time ever watching a lacrosse game and those both count as goals, you’re hooked. But if that was your first time ever watching a lacrosse game and you see the two most athletic plays get called off because somebody’s body ends up in a little circle after the ball is already in the back of the net? Well maybe you just decide that lacrosse is too confusing for you and you wait until next MDW when you accidentally catch yourself watching again.

So my suggestion to college lacrosse? Bring back the dive and bring it back yesterday. The world deserves these highlights.

Speaking of highlights… Whattup, Connor Kelly?

And oh yeah, not a bad day for the kid.