I Don't Know Why This Triple Head Kick KO Makes Me Laugh, But It Does

Ha! I mean, that’s just funny. Good knockout for sure, but button mashing the fuck out of head kicks is just gonna make you look like a video game glitch. Even after the knockout, she was still throwing them! If that girl’s opponent didn’t go down, she was gonna get hit with a billion head kicks in a row. The ref wouldn’t be able to break them up after the horn, either. That’s how physics work, it’s like a pro wrestling Irish Whip. Once whipped, you can’t stop until another object comes into your path of motion.

…or when you start Star Wars Episode 4. Unless interrupted, you’re in store for Empire and Jedi immediately after. It’s a tough life, I tell ya.

P.S. Glad I can get back to blogging barbaric human cockfighting instead of taxation and minimum wage and shit. I’ll leave that to Riggsy.