Pedestrian Flipping Out On Driver Gets Hit With A Beautiful Dose Of Instant Karma

Yeah I will admit that this is a pretty mindless and quick blog. But I imagine most of you guys are just watching the seconds tick down so you can the fuck out of Dodge cubicle hell. So I figured lets just get something easy and breezy up to bring a smile to everyones faces as we try to run out the clock on today and can join the people that took today off or actually somehow had a holiday.

Regardless of what you are doing, I think watching this dickhead ram into a pole over and over again will bring a smile to any Stoolie’s face. Even his own dog was thinking “Come on asshole, keep walking”. I thought his hat said Make America Great Again, but rewatching the video and hearing the accents told me otherwise. However I can guarantee America will not be a worse place if videos like this keep coming out.