Time To Say Goodbye To The 2016-17 Boston Celtics

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Normally after each Celtics game you can come here for a full game breakdown. Often times there are some good things, some bad things, and of course some ugly things that come with each Celtics performance. Well, after a 33 point loss to end their season, I figure maybe we should switch things up. There isn’t too much to say about the game that wasn’t already said in the first two losses of this series, because it was basically a carbon copy performance.

Instead, I think our time is better spent paying our respects to the 2016-17 Celtics and all that they accomplished. So grab a chair, take out some tissues, and relive with me what was an incredible run. Let’s take it from the top

July 2, 2016


My entire life, the Celtics had never actually signed a big FA. Sure they got KG and Ray through trades, but straight up free agency signing? No chance. That all changed on July 2nd, and with that, the expectations of this team changed as well. Remember, this was before the KD decision, so at the time we all were convinced that was going to be the next domino. Well, even though that didn’t happen, this was still a very successful season for Al Horford. All year we heard about his max money and all this bullshit as to why he wasn’t worth it. Look at how silly those people look as we sit here today. Not only did he help completely change the Celtics offense, he helped Isaiah develop into an All NBA player. His playoff performance (15/6/5 with 58/51% splits) was more than any of us could have asked for. There was no doubt that when Horford joined the team he would make an impact, and I am confident in saying that without him, this team does not earn a #1 seed, and sure as shit doesn’t find themselves in the ECF.

December 20, 2016

In what would be the first of many insane career performances, Isaiah Thomas entered this game as a player who had never broken 40 in his NBA career. The Celtics found themselves down 17 points to MEM, and all of the sudden…..

36 points in the second half, and the legend started to grow.

December 30, 2016

But then just 10 days later, we were witness to one of the best regular season performances in Celtics HISTORY. No way Isaiah could out do his MEM performance right? Wrong.

52 points. A total of 29 of them in the fourth quarter alone. That three from like 40 ft was the first time we ever heard Tommy ejaculate on air. King In The Fourth Indeed.

February 11-15, 2017

You think I’m going to miss a chance to talk about the most impressive stretch of the season? What took place during this time period you ask? Oh nothing, just James Young scoring 10 points in two out of the three games, finally showing that superstar potential we all deep down knows he has if he would only get the opportunity.

February 27, 2017

Is it good to set franchise records? Because after this game against ATL in which Isaiah had 19, it ended it consecutive streak of 20+ points in a game at 43 games. Pick any Celtic legend you want, nobody has done that in the history of the franchise. Let that marinate for a minute.


March 8, 2017

I’ll say it, the Warriors are lucky the Celtics are not playing in the NBA Finals. Why? Because I’m pretty sure they are the only team in the NBA who is undefeated in Oracle over the last two seasons. Certainly they are on a very very very short list if that’s not the case. You might remember this game because the Celtics entered GS after dropping two brutal games on the road, one of which I happened to see in person in PHX. Fuck that last 7 seconds. Many thought this was going to be a three game losing streak. Again, like s0 many times throughout the season with this team, they were wrong

March 20, 2017

Those big bad Washington Wizards man. After wearing all black and blowing out the Celtics in January, this was a game I think everyone had circled on their schedule. The Celtics had been punked twice already by this team playing in their building, and at the time there was a lot of talk about how WSH was going to pass BOS in the standings. They were just the better team we were told.

April 23, 2017

The Celtics were down 2-1 to the Bulls. Things looked bleak. The team was searching for answers on how to turn things around, and wouldn’t you know it, the answer came from a guy that nobody but Brad Stevens knew was ready. I’ll always remember Gerald Green in a positive light if only for this performance. 2K7 Gerald is the best Gerald


May 2, 2017

If you thought Isaiah’s 52 points during the regular season was impressive, may I interest you in a 53 point performance in a must win second round game? Isaiah vs John Wall proved to live up to the hype in this series, and it was a matchup I can say with full confidence that Isaiah won.

May 15, 2017

Game 7s are a mixed bag when you look at recent Celtics history. Losses to MIA and LAL, but wins over PHI, this may have been the most nervous I had been all season. The Celtics had been inconsistent at home, and it was clear WSH/BOS were pretty evenly matched. Why I was so nervous was silly, the Celtics were ready

May 21, 2017

Whatever. Fuck Lebron

This season also provided us reasons to be happy for the future. For example, I’d say what we saw from Jaylen was pretty close to what we hoped for after watching him dominate the Summer League. I don’t know what this roster will look like next year, but one thing is certain. If Jaylen isn’t starting, he’s definitely playing at least 22-25 minutes a night. He showed us he isn’t afraid, he can attack the basket at the NBA level, and maybe most important, he can actually shoot. So much for this being a bust pick lol


All in all, it’s hard to be upset when thinking about the 2016-17 Celtics. They did everything we hoped for, and had a shit ton of fun along the way. They had their inconsistent struggles because of course they did, but they also showed on numerous occasions some actual balls and resiliency. They finished the year as one of the best offenses in the NBA, and solidified the hype we all gave them to start the year by saying they were the second best team in the East. Obviously they’re still MILES behind CLE, but that’s not really the point. We knew that going in. It’s hard to find a team in a better situation than BOS of the teams that are trying to catch the Cavs, and as we enter the long wait until Summer League, I think I’m OK with where they’re at. Things are only going to get better, remember that.

So please, join me in paying respects to what was one of the better Celtics seasons in nearly a decade. I’ll miss them.

RIP in peace.