Obama Played Golf At St. Andrews Today As The Barry Chill Out Tour Rolls On









SourceThe former US president was a well-known golf fanatic during his time in office, playing a total of 306 rounds.

He was also spotted golfing in Tuscany last weekend.

In Fife the former president’s caddy reassured him that there was ‘no pressure, sir’ before teeing off the third.

Obama, who was hitting last, said: ‘Well, going by those shots I shouldn’t feel any pressure.’

President of the United States is the worst job on the planet in a landslide. Everybody knows it and we’re seeing that fact reinforced by Trump right now. Every aspect of every single thing he does is scrutinized — from how he greets people to how he holds hands with his wife to what television he watches when he returns to the residence to which shoelace he ties first. It’s ridiculous and it sucks. It weighs on these guys to the point they all age about 30 years every 4 years. And what’s the best thing about having to do something shitty? Finishing it. No better feeling. Whether it’s an exam or a brutal work presentation or this weird thing KFC does now called working out or 8 years as the leader of the free world, when you finish it, it’s the best feeling in the world. When you finish it you let fucking loose like you just won the damn World Series and that’s EXACTLY what Barry’s been doing since noon on January 20th. It’s what anybody’d be doing; here he was straight chilling in Italy earlier this week.


Couple months ago he was chilling on his bazillionaire buddy Richard Branson’s yacht.



The Barry Chill Out Tour. Rolling strong.