Nothing Like A 33 Point Blowout To End Your Season

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This is a weird feeling mostly because it doesn’t hurt as bad as previous season ending losses. On one hand, I 100% wish they actually put up a fight. Seeing the Celtics come out with such low energy was pretty disapointing. This was nothing more than a repeat of the first two losses. Sloppy play, bad offense, even worse defense. In fact, this was the worst defensive effort by the Celtics in the shot clock era. You almost have to respect the fact that the Celtics stayed true to who they are and gave up some ridiculous best ever performance for the opponent.

On the other hand, this was their ceiling. They did exactly what we all hoped they would do when the year started. How can we complain? We just experienced an incredible 6+ month run filled with incredibly rare moments. In the playoffs, they backed up what we thought they were, an ECF team. They avoided the sweep. I think you can be annoyed that they got blown out so bad in three out of the 5 games, but I would bet there aren’t many who if you asked in October if they would take losing to the Cavs in 5 in the ECF they say no. This was a successful season, let’s not lose sight of that.

And THEN you factor in the future. Jaylen looks good, the #1 pick is in their possession, and another top pick the next year. Cap space that hopefully nobody rejects like you read about. We are about to enter an extremely entertaining and wild summer. Thinking of what Danny has up his sleeve has sort of distracted me from the fact that Lebron AGAIN shook his dick all over the Celtics in the Garden. Times are too good right now to focus on that.

So with that, the 2017 season comes to an end. What a ride it was. As always thanks to everyone following along all year, love you guys. Get ready, because things are just getting started.

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