British Royal Air Force Writing "From Manchester" On Missiles Bound For ISIS Targets

Look there’s no way to bring back the people that were lost in Manchester this week. There’s no way to take away the pain the dozens that were hurt experienced and will continue to experience in their recoveries. There’s no way to dish out the punishment deserved to the network of evil losers that carried this out.

But it sure does give the good guys a hint of pride, of accomplishment, of superiority, of justice when these RAF boys write messages from Manchester on missiles then fire them right up ISIS’ ass.

Also, I like this message from the RAF spokesman.

An RAF spokesman told MailOnline: “The RAF can confirm the photo was genuine”.

A source said: “The sentiment of the message is understandable under the circumstances. It’s unlikely the individual responsible for it will be disciplined.

It’s “unlikely” anyone will be disciplined. In other words: We fully endorse this move and can confirm that these missiles will be delivered to ISIS scumbags and they will be delivered in the name of the Manchester victims.

Good people > evil losers. Always.

PS — RAF is badass. Has been for a long time.