Nate Snatching A Computer And Ending A Live Show That Wasn't His Is One Of The Most Spider Monkey Moves Nature Has Ever Seen

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(Spider Monkeying occurs in the final 10 minutes)

As the story goes, we switched up Barstool Gametime Poker Night yesterday to feature the reigning champion of the office in myself face off against Professor Harvard in Francis (we eventually are going to get a Barstool wide tournament going but production wise it’s a lot more difficult than it seems, so head’s up action online is the only way to go about it, for now). I also invited Nate onto the show to be the host because I felt the role fit him perfectly with his background in poker as well as his chirping ability. Eric graciously accepted the offer of easy, free, and positive content for his job/image. Good vibes had by all.

Immediately before the show began, there were some technical difficulties. Francis couldn’t remember his password to log into his computer. Seems more of a Francis difficulty than a technical one, but we all digress. There was a simple resolution at the midnight hour: Francis was to play on Nate’s computer, which was already there, and Nate and Intern Fran were to watch the stream on Twitch on Fran’s computer. Problem solved. As my late friend Brooks Hatlen would say –

The program then went on rather flawlessly. It was actually a decent, entertaining shooting the shit type show most Stoolies would enjoy. Hell, even Nate was cracking jokes and smiles ahoy. One problem…the poker game was running long. Usually Nate and I would FLY through games to the point where multiple head’s up tales would take 20-30 minutes – TOPS. Francis and I were nitting our way to upwards of an hour. Not that there’s anything wrong with that as different people play different ways at the table. However, at around the hour mark, our boy Nate was getting antsy. Usually you can give him a fidget spinner or distract him with some bright colors, but Nate was restless. He proceeded to laugh, say the show is going so long and he was going to the bathroom. No worries whatsoever.

Robbie Fox, Frankie Borelli, and Intern Fran held down the fort for about 30 more minutes…and that’s when the Spider Monkey swung down from the trees and presented himself in full form.

Nate burst in and DEMANDED his computer to go home. OK. I respect that. Why did he viscously need to go home right at that second? Well, he had a flight the next morning at 10am it’s none of my business. Why did he need to take his computer with him? Well, discovering man-hobbit porn on one’s computer is frowned upon in some/all circles of life that’s none of my business, either. He has every right to come in and expect his computer back. It’s not that he went about it, it’s how he went about it. Hurling out demands, insults, and feces…ON A LIVE SHOW. I am aware what we do may not seem like work, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes down to where we can at least respect each other enough not to sabotage one another’s work, especially live. Nate came in and literally cut the cord on the show.

I mean, come on, man. I get it. He wanted his computer back. And I apologize for running long. But at least be civilized enough for us to make an amicable agreement on how to end the game (as there were stakes on the match) and end the show in a peaceful manner. But, nope. Spider Monkey gonna Spider Monkey with a move so disrespectful I almost have no choice but to respect it. Gotta love him. CUE THE MUSIC!


PS – The funniest real life reenactment ever produced. Long live the Spider Monkey.