Owner Shows Up To His House As It's Being Robbed And Goes Full Grand Theft Auto On The Robbers

Writer’s Note: I don’t think this video has been blogged but when I see a truck used as a deadly weapon, I have to grip it and rip it

OH FUCK YEAHHHH. I’m not sure what this says about me as a person, but I was legitimately excited for that guy to get home and start wrecking shit. It was like when the Red Zone says there is an update coming from a game where you have a shitload of fantasy players playing. Then watching this dude use my tried and true method of wrecking multiple people in GTA with a car was fantastic. To go back to the Red Zone analogy, it was like seeing your fantasy quarterback throw a touchdown to your receiver on the same team for like an 80 yard touchdown. Having the higher ground is the key for war (and lightsaber duels) while having a car is the key to taking down a bunch of robbers when you are outnumbered. Me personally? I would have started with the guy on the bike, then done everything I could to run over the guy before he got to his car, then dealt with the last dude inside. But I’m just a guy blogging this from his computer not actually doing it in real life even though I’m about to fire up the PS4 and fuck some peoples’ worlds up.