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With the Season Halfway Done, It's Obvious The Caps Are Not Good Enough

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Caps played game number 41 last night. Season is halfway done. In those 41 games, the Caps have 10 regulation wins. 10. In 41 games. They have gone to OT 16 times, which is about 40% of their games. Of those 16 OT games, they’ve won 10, but 8 in the shootout. That’s just bad. Any way you look at it, this team is average. Top heavy with two superstars in Ovechkin and Backy, and then not much else working for them. Especially on the blue line, where it’s been an AHL rotation all season.

This isn’t a “rebuilding” year or some shit. The Caps are meant to be contending. But anyone with half a hockey brain can watch this team play and recognize they aren’t a Stanley Cup caliber club. Just not. You can sneak into the playoffs by taking every game to OT. Fuck, you can run hot and even win a playoff series if Ovi lights it up and goaltending is decent enough. But my question is again, what is even the point of this season if it’s not to win the Cup? I don’t really get it, because I know Ted Leonsis wants to win, and badly. As does GM George McPhee. But this current team does not have the depth to win in May or June. Not even sure how it was possible to assemble this team with the thought of winning a cup in the next few years while Ovechkin is in his prime. I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong, but it’s costly mistakes from the d-men every night, it’s an extreme dependence on Ovechkin for scoring, and it’s a 3-man rotation in net. Those are for sure not the keys to winning a cup.

So the season is halfway done. The Caps have very little salary cap space, so making a trade for a key piece will be difficult. But at the same time, it’s extremely obvious this is not a team that is currently capable of winning it all. So it’s fucking frustrating to watch. Almost like a waste of time. Oh great, on pace for another early playoff exit. Great. It’s captain obvious that a few moves have to be made. Losing is tiring.