Little League Catcher Comes In With A BOOM That Sends A Runner To The Heavens

BOOM. SAUCED. Interesting strategy here by this yout behind the plate, and I don’t hate it. It’s all about the element of surprise, and this kid might as well be the modern day Sun Tzu. There’s zero chance the runner was expecting to meeting a brick wall after rounding third. There hasn’t been a player caught this off-guard on the diamond since Fernando Vina when Albert Bell ‘roided him into the stratosphere.

Of course there shouldn’t be this much contact at the Little League level. But how much of a crime is it that collisions are illegal at home plate in the majors.
Bullshit.  These guys are getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars. Gladiator it up for me, one time. That was the most exciting play in sports and Bud Selig laid his hoof down solely because Buster Posey broke his wheel blocking the plate.  Bring it back.  Because Charlie Hustle is spinning in his metaphorical grave underneath an abandoned AC blackjack table.

h/t Matt