The 'Ping' On This Mike Hoffman Snipe Was The Most Beautiful Sound I've Ever Heard In My Life


Some people enjoy the sound of The Beatles. Others enjoy the sound of a child’s laughter. Me? I’d like to bottle up the sound the puck makes when it pings off the pipe and in. That sound belongs in a museum. It’s shots like this one that make me actually weep for the deaf.

The shot itself was a thing of beauty.

But a GIF doesn’t do it justice. Because it’s all about that sweet sweet ping. I was watching the game on mute last night and I still heard the ping loud and clear. That shit traveled all the way from Ottawa to Philly. Rumor has it that China is just getting it right now. I’ll see if Donnie can confirm.

But yeah. What a fucking snipe show. From the top of the circles and Murray wasn’t even close. Ottawa wins 2-1 and now we’re on to Game 7 to see who gets to lose to Nashville in the Final.

P.S. – That snipe wasn’t even Hoffman’s best play of the night. Here he is giving Sid a quick little shower with a water bottle while Methot tries to bait Crosby into chopping off one of his fingers again.