Sheldon Richardson Decided To Take A Shot At Brandon Marshall Out Of The Blue

What the fuck was that Sheldon? I usually don’t give a flying fuck about the Jets when they aren’t covering up Big Blue’s Lombardi trophies before a Giants-Jets game. And while Brandon Marshall may be a new Giant and occasionally goes off the rails, I have to defend my guy for getting hit with a cheap shot from the clouds. Brandon Marshall must have felt like he got blindsided by a car going 143 MILES PER HOUR with a loaded gun, the smell of weed and a kid in the front seat. Sheldon Richardson criticizing someone else isn’t even throwing stones from a glass house. It’s throwing matches from a gasoline house. I realize BMarsh is no angel (other than his first year with a new team). But Richardson calling him out is wiiiiiild. I guess it was Brandon Marshall who filmed this video in the locker room before last season’s Dolphins game.

While KFC clearly has a wealth of experience rooting for both these guys.


Also shout out to the New York media doing what they do and do and digging for that sound bite after Sheldon gave them a little taste of what was on his mind. Gotta grind for that back page story in the tabloid wars any way possible. I wonder how many stories have blown up thanks a few well placed “Come onnnnnn” pleas from the 8,000 media members that cover every relevant New York team.

UPDATE: Gotta love BMarsh pulling his First Season With A New Team Brandon Marshall act and refusing to get into a war in the media