Melania Snubs ANOTHER Hand Holding Attempt By Donald


I’ll admit this one is open to interpretation. The one yesterday was a no-doubter. There is an argument to be made for today’s that Melania was going up to adjust her hair and the timing was just lea wrong. However, I’m firmly in the camp that Melania felt Trump’s hand on the back of her hand and recoiled in horror. Especially after she slapped his hand away just yesterday in Tel Aviv. How long until Donnie T tweets about this? You know he sees it. You know he see this shit going viral and how it makes him look like a buffoon. I wouldn’t put it past him to tweet something like, “MY WIFE LOVES ME. WE HAVE LOTS OF SEX. THE BEST SEX. THE BEST SEX YOU’VE EVER SEEN. TONS OF SEX!” Whether she meant to pull away today or not, tough couple of days for The Donald and PDA. And hey, maybe Melania just doesn’t like holding hands. It’s sweaty and gross.