Do These Look Like The Faces Of Two People Who Were Caught Having Sex On The Stairs At A Dental Office?

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.41.48 PM

MAY 18–A 62-year-old woman and her 55-year-old beau were arrested last night for having sex on the front steps of a Florida dental office, a lewd display that was in full view of passersby, police charge. According to St. Petersburg cops, Merri-Anne Bromley and David Wheeler were “having sexual intercourse” outside the offices of St. Pete Modern Dentistry (seen below) around 7:15 PM. The front steps of the building, a police report notes, “are within full view of the public and anybody passing by.” Bromley and Wheeler, an arrest affidavit notes, were not initially deterred by the arrival of Officer Jonathan Reeves. “The intercourse continued in the presence of law enforcement,” Reeves reported. Pictured above, Bromley and Wheeler were subsequently separated and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, a misdemeanor. Bromley is locked up on $250 bond, while Wheeler was released from jail late this afternoon on his own recognizance.

When the sex is so hot you wanna share it with the world! When the sex is so hot it could break out at any moment like on the steps of a dental office! When the sex is so hot that even people walking by don’t stop you! What a hot couple. I really like the part where they didn’t even stop when the cops showed up. Getting that nut off was #1 priority. What do you do if you’re the cops in this situation? Do you let them finish? I think you gotta let them finish. For a couple reasons. One, it’s common courtesy. I know they were having sex in public and that’s wrong but still. And two, are you really gonna hop in there while they’re mid-fuck? Seems dangerous. I don’t know for a fact but something tells me their fucking wasn’t slow and sensual. My guess is it was wild and dangerous with a lot of sharp edges. Gotta let them finish and then arrest them once things have calmed down. Also, I’m not a doctor but the eyes on the guy doesn’t exactly scream “I’m well nourished and I get my 8 hours every night”