Canadian Cops Get Noise Complaint About A Party, One Of Them Joins The Band And Plays The Hell Out Of Drums

CBC- Teenage hard rock band Vinyl Ambush thought their fate was sealed when Peel police showed up at an outdoor birthday party gig in Mississauga Saturday night.

“We all figured it was going to get shut down,” said Tom Bjelic, father of the band’s 15-year-old bass player Corwin. 

Instead, Bjelic recalls, the two constables simply asked that the band turn down the amps a bit. Then they stood and listened to a couple songs, and left. 

About half an hour passed before the two constables returned to the backyard party on Cliff Drive. 

Surely that was the end of the party, Bjelic thought, and the mood among the 75 or so guests sank for a moment, he said.

Then something entirely unexpected happened. He asked if they had come back to shut it down.

“‘Well no’,” Bjelic recalls one of the officers saying. “‘I was hoping I could sit in on a song with the band’.”

The constable took off his standard duty boots, sat down behind the drum kit, and proceeded to pound the skins like a madman to the band’s original music, Bjelic said.

Canada: one feel-good story after another. At this point, they’re just showing off. It’s not out of the question that Justin Trudeau and his merry band of mounted police are sponsoring these propaganda events to show the rest of the world how happy they are. Just this weekend, Trudeau was spotted jogging through a pre-prom photo shoot:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.32.58 AM

No security detail in sight, probably listening to Drake. Luckily someone recognized him and they just so happened to get this perfectly-lit, beautifully framed photo:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.34.06 AM

Anyway, how about that cop drummer? Absolute BEAST on the kit. Makes me think all cops should take drum lessons. Great way to release some anger/bond with the local hard-rock scene. Favorite part was the speech he gave afterwards. Framed it as a cautionary tale but really, it was a long-winded humble brag:

“I’ve played in bands, and toured. It’s tough work. I can tell you from experience–I opened for Metallica. It’s hard to do. Don’t give up. I was signed to a label. Making millions of dollars a year. Now I’m a cop. But before this, I was a famous drummer. Drowning in groupie poon. Used to have fivesomes alone. You probably don’t know me because drummers keep a low profile and sit in the back. But I was super successful. They called me “Drum Guy.” Until I had kids. Ruined my life. Now I’m a cop. I hate myself every day. But I can go back and listen to tapes of my solos and feel better. I’ve actually got some tapes here–$5 a pop. Anyway, party’s over.”