Nothing To See Here, Just A Rugby Player Giving His Tooth To The Ref For Safekeeping

Why, no, good announcer sir. Having a tooth ejaculated onto the pitch is not what anyone needs early on a Sunday morning. Extra props for simply assuming the ref would take a bloody piece of bone, no questions asked. Hey, whatever keeps the game moving. But that’s what separates rugby players from the normal members of society. There’s nothing these animals won’t play through that couldn’t be fixed with a couple of pints after the match. Seriously. Remember that one bloke who literally got his dick ripped off while playing rugby…AND STILL STAYED IN THE GAME!?!?!?

More like Tugby…amiiright? Oh the humanity. There’s a fine line between manliness and lunacy, and this guy went Ludicrous Speed well over that mark by staying in the game. When your dick is literally hanging by a thread, that’s when it’s OK to call it quits for the time being. Nobody is going to fault you for taking a blow.

Regardless of the possible visits to the dentist and plastic surgeon to make your mutilated genitals great again , I love me some Rugby booms to the moons.

h/t @USASevensRugby