Peter Laviolette's Celebratory Fist Pumps Are Still Undefeated

Thank god there wasn’t a wall in front of that fist or else he would have punched a hole so deep it would have opened up to another dimension.

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Nashville is a hockey city. I don’t know how you can see and hear that crowd and think anything different. I’m sure the fans in Nashville were passionate before but this has been a postseason so far that will have a long lasting impact on the city and Tennessee. Over the next 10-15 years, we’ll start to see some 1st round NHL draft picks coming out of the Nashville area and that’ll be thanks to this Predators team.

You put a professional hockey team in Nashville 19 years ago and everyone thinks it’s a gimmick. No chance will hockey work in the south. 10 years later they were already talking about relocating. But this team and this fan base has proven how well expansion can work, and now Nashville is currently the center of the hockey universe.

Is part of that quote some personal PR work for PK? Of course it is. What do you think the guy is going to say? That the fans that have been going ape shit for the Predators these playoffs still aren’t as passionate as Canadiens fans? But there’s definitely plenty of truth to that statement. The fans in Nashville deserve all the credit they’re getting and you can see the Predators feed off that energy. This is a team playing without their captain. Now they’re playing without their #1 center. They’re playing without one of their better young talents in Kevin Fiala. They’re not the only team in the playoffs needing to overcome some adversity but you can tell the fans are playing their part in the Predators’ success so far.

And now the Predators are just 4 more wins away from bringing the Cup to Nashville. The last team in the playoffs this year and all they have to do now is win as many games as they’ve lost these entire playoffs. Sweep. Win in 6. Win in 6. This isn’t the NBA so you’re not going to see a team come in here and sweep every series until they get to the Final. But that’s about as dominant as a team can get in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

P.S. – If I’m a young, single free agent in the league, I can’t think of any place I’d rather play in than Nashville. Can you imagine the kind of rockets they’re working with down there in the Puck Bunny department?