The "Pill Cosby", Complete With Empty Pill Capsule Garnishes, Is The Hottest Drink In The District

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Washingtonian – Diet Starts Monday, an experimental new restaurant/retail pop-up concept in the former BBQ Joint space, is pouring “Pill Cosby” cocktails—complete with a garnish of empty capsules.

Co-founder Davin Gentry, who launched the Diet Starts Monday clothing and sneaker line with DC natives John Geiger and Kevin “Scooty” Hallums, says the tequila-based hibiscus drink is partially meant to bring awareness to drugging in bars.

“It lets people be a little more aware,” says Gentry. 

Gentry says the pill-topped cocktail, which appears on a list of others named after African-American celebrities with ties to DC (i.e. Dave Chapelle, Taraji P. Henson), also plays into the diet themes that run through the menu and clothes. Like the rest of brand, it’s meant to push boundaries.


Ah yes, the Pill Cosby, the drink that brings awareness to drugging in bars by putting garnishes of empty capsules in your drink to remind women that they could be getting drugged at any time. But seriously, nothing makes a woman feel safer than the bar that reminds them of all the women that have been sexually assaulted by having something slipped in their drink. Reminds them to keep their heads on a swivel. Don’t turn your back because next time these drugs could be real!

Now, that being said, it’s obviously a genius marketing move for this bar. Everyone will now have to go to this bar to take a picture of their Pill Cosby cocktail. It’s like when Starbucks did that Unicorn Frappacino, nobody actually wanted one, but you couldn’t be the only basic bitch on the block who didn’t post it to the Gram.

So the Pill Cosby will beat on, boats against the current, and make many people uncomfortable along the way. But hey, it’s trending on Twitter, and the creators say it’s for a good cause, so maybe the 99% of people who said this is a shitty idea are actually wrong.