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Bow Wow Is Rebounding From His Viral Embarrassment By Going Full Hardo With Naked Strippers, Booze, And Blow On Instagram Live

Warning: The titties are blurred mostly but it gets NSFW

Mediatakeout – Yesterday rapper Bow Wow showed video of him inside a hotel suite full of topless women. And folks looking carefully are claiming that Bow Weezy’s place was FULL OF COCAINE.

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Since the whole #BowWowChallenge went viral where Bow Wow was spotted lying about being on a private jet when he was flying commercial, he’s been working hard to save face, including giving interviews implying that he even lied to drum up support for a new TV show. And now here’s the Bow Wow image rehab tour on full display as he tries to show that he’s not a broke joke of a rapper. And getting right into the drugs, Ciroc, and women of ill repute game live on social media there is a great way to get his brand back on track. I mean you could say it looks desperate, what kind of millionaire has to publicly show off that he went to a Vegas suite and hung out with girls and his pals to establish his self worth? But when you’re a rapper who hasn’t had a hit in a while, you’re fighting all sorts of perception issues. People want to see guys like Bow Wow or Hammer or the guy who sang “Informer” broke and flying coach because it’s what they expect, the standard way a rapper falls from grace.

But being a rapper is all about perception and whether Bow Wow is going broke, barely clinging onto relevance,or balling as hard as he claims, it definitely looks like he’s living his best rapper life right now. Pour that Ciroc on some chick’s titties, do coke off her tramp stamp, live the gimmick. There’s a chance this ends with Bow Wow paying for possible escorts to shake their ass in his face on Snapchat at a 23% Discover card APR to keep up appearances but hey, he said it himself that there’s “a method to his madness.” I’m sure it’ll work out.

Kids: They grow out of performing with Snoop Dogg and then have to desperately try to show how wealthy and desirable they are on social media so fast.