A Woman Went Off On A Latino Dude Trying To Help At A Mall And Got Extra Racist With Him Fast

YouTube – This is in Manassas, Virginia. A young Latino shopper overhears a white woman say that she’s looking for a store that has what she needs, but that she can’t find it there. He politely suggests to her that she try the store in Fairfax.

I’ve blogged a fair amount of entitled awful human beings in my day but there’s something truly special watching this lady go to work. She’s so self-involved and so angry for no particular reason. Was that other customer trying to tell her there’s another location the reason for her cell phone issues? No, but she saw a chance to go off on him and try to make him feel as bad as it seems like Sprint made her feel. Classic bully behavior, complete with pulling her poor husband into it as the muscle for when she runs her mouth. The worst kind of woman in a million different ways.

Plus with her going off on Latinos and declaring this is “her fucking country,” I have to imagine she did not recognize the irony of going on that rant in front of a sign almost entirely en Español:

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 9.43.29 AM

Pokemon Go: Still very hot in the Sprint streets.

Also this is completely 100% unfair of me but even though they have nothing to do with this situation, I definitely think less of Sprint for having this gal as a customer. Maybe something about their marketing or dirty poaching of the “Can you hear me now” Verizon guy speaks to the soul of racists, kind of like how all of a sudden that Pepe the Frog meme was hate speech for the alt right. Sprint could be the official phone provider to white supremacy for all I know. That kid Juan was probably headed straight to Cricket Wireless after that exchange.