Corrupt Chinese Police Overreact To Driver Carrying 26 Caged Children On A Structurally-Sound Tricycle

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Daily MailA Chinese driver has been found by police illegally driving a modified tricycle with over two dozen students in the back. 

Policemen in Nanning, China were shocked to find the 26 primary school children squeezed into a small cage at the back of the vehicle. 

The man was fined for illegally modifying a vehicle and overloading passengers in the incident which occurred on May 18.  

26 young boys and girls were pictured inside the cage with some sitting along two benches at the side and the rest standing close to each other. 

Policemen were shocked to find the children locked in a cage. 

Each child was charged 30 yuan (£3.35) a month for a transportation fee to be picked up and dropped off [at school], according to Wang. 

He was given a verbal warning and fined for overloading passengers.  

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Benches? A lock on the cage? This is the Air Force 1 of Chinese school buses. Safest school transport in all of China. A picture says a thousand words, and those kids look pretty damn happy to me. Maybe it’s because they’ve been released from what looks like the extras-shuttle from Taken 4. Either way, shame on these SJW cops for retarding a typical 23-hour school day for these students. (THAT IS THE CORRECT, TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE WORD RETARD- AS IN TO DELAY. I HAVE NO IDEA IF THESE KIDS ARE RETARDED IN THE COLLOQUIAL, INSENSITIVE SENSE. THEY LOOK FINE TO ME).

The policemen were shocked? Is this their first day on the job? This is China, people. Nothing about this story is unusual other than the unusually high price of that tricycle-cage ticket. 3.35 GBP is $4.36 USD. Presuming an average of 22 school days a month, that’s 18 cents a day, or 9 cents each way. So much for communism.

Mercifully, the story has a happy ending (no, not the Chinese happy ending–the kids didn’t all get handjobs. Well, I don’t know. There was a cloth over the cage. Perfect cover for some hanky panky?) These corrupt cops let this driver off with a small fine and a warning. In other words, they threw their own kids in the cage the next day, riding free for months.

PS- From my extensive experience there, Driver Wang is preparing these youngsters for life in China. “For breakfast today, you’ll be having a bowl of exhaust with a side of overpopulation.”