The NBA Sent Out The #1 Most Disrespectful Tweet Of All Time Last Night

Hey NBA…What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

Look, we throw hyperbole around a lot around here, but this is without a doubt the most disrespectful tweet in Twitter history. I wouldn’t be shocked if the stock went down to 0 today and we started using MySpace again because if we allow that Tweet to go through, we will allow anything as a society. I’m not sure I even want to watch basketball anymore. How can I trust a sport that spews such erroneous bile from their Twitter account? Next thing you know we’ll have refs fixing games.

Whoever runs the NBA Twitter can take his seat at the front of the line, the first face on the Mt. Rushmore, as the creator of the worst tweets ever typed and sent. We need a congressional hearing to find out who sent this, what their intention was, and why they hate America. Forget all this Trump/Russia shit, this asshole who disrespected Chappelle in such a matter needs to be on a one-way trip to Pluto.