Buy Your All Rise Shirts Right Now Because Aaron Judge is Superman and Can Fly

I mean Judge wasn’t even in the camera shot to make that play, and out of absolute nowhere there he is FLYING to rob Evan Longoria of a game-tying extra base hit. The fucking catch probability on that thing was 26%. Suck it nerds. If that ball gets behind him, Longoria probably ends up on third with nobody out. Judge is now tied for the lead in defensive runs saved by a right fielder. INSANE. Offensively he ranks fourth in ALL OF BASEBALL in WAR. The guys behind him? Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Freddie Freeman. He’s an absolute MACHINE and clearly not a one trick pony either. So BUY BUY BUY because this is the hottest merch we’re selling right now.

Full recap of the week and today’s game coming out tomorrow. Go Yanks

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