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AJ Ramos Threw At The Next Batter After Allowing A Home Run To Cody Bellinger, Dodgers Retaliate By Throwing Behind Giancarlo Stanton, Benches Clear

During that whole bean ball war between the Red Sox and Orioles a few weeks ago, you had all the pussies coming out of the woodwork saying that there’s no place in baseball for throwing at batters anymore. Fuck that. Yes there is. Intimidation is part of the game. Always has been, always will be. But it all depends on the motivation behind the act of throwing at somebody.

This right here? This is dumb. You’re getting smoked, you just gave up a bomb, so you throw the baseball equivalent of a hissy fit by throwing at the next batter because you just got taken to the moon and your pride is hurt. Cody Bellinger didn’t even show him up, either. Kid’s an absolute STUD, too. It’s almost a compliment to be taken deep by Bellinger these days. That was his 8th home run in just his 23rd big league game.

AJ Ramos was wrong for throwing at Brett Eibner in that situation. And while I’ve got no problem with the Dodgers retaliating for it — you’ve gotta protect your own guys — I’m not exactly sure I would’ve picked Giancarlo Stanton as the recipient of said retaliation. It’s usually an eye for an eye when protecting your own players and uhhhhh…Eibner is not Stanton, Stanton is not Eibner. Not even close, actually. That, and I’m not sure you’d want to essentially challenge this dude to a fight.