Kyle Schwarber Is Putting On A Clinic In Leftfield Today Against The Brewers

That’s a nice play. No two ways about it. The kind that makes you think hey maybe Kyle isn’t too shabby out there in left… maybe the extra work is starting to add up… maybe he can make this play in the 6th… 

Maybe not. Either way, that’s not why you show up to see Kyle Schwarber. He’s not here to make running plays at shortstop in 40mph winds and torrential downpour on a bum knee. He’s here to destroy personal property with batted balls so let’s not forget it.*

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


*Two things: (1) Yes, I am acutely aware of Kyle Schwarber’s .673 OPS and (2) let’s circle back on this in October.

PS – lol