It's A Great Day To Go Back And Remember All The Career Lowlights For Marc-Andre Fleury


Do I know that Marc-Andre Fleury has as many Stanley Cups as the entire Philadelphia Flyers organization? Yes. Do I realize that giving up 4 goals in the first 13 minutes of Game 3 wasn’t his fault? Yes. He had absolutely zero defense in front of him. But I’m a petty ass Flyers fan with Penguins hatred in my blood. So when Marc-Andre Fleury gets benched for Matt Murray in Game 4, I’m going to celebrate. Why? Well not just because Fleury just lost his starting job. But because this means the Penguins are desperate. Mike Sullivan would rather have a goalie controversy on his hands right now than continue to deal with the same game they’ve been playing so far this series against Ottawa.

Like I said, you can’t pin starting Murray tonight on Fleury. But the Penguins are desperate for a wake up call after that game on Wednesday and they’re backs are against the ropes. Now Ottawa just have to keep landing a few more punches and it’s nap time for Pittsburgh. Hornqvist, Rust and Schultz are all out. Crosby is clearly still feeling the effects from the Washington series. Head, body, head, body.