The Knicks Are Reportedly Interested In Bringing Pablo Prigioni Back As An Assistant Coach

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics Game Three

Sportando- The New York Knicks are interested in hiring Pablo Prigioni as assistant coach, as reported by Gigantes. The Argentinean point guard announced his retire in the middle of the season and is ready to start his new career as coach. Prigioni could also be an option for Baskonia head coaching job if Sito Alonso leaves after this season. Prigioni has played with the Knicks from 2012 to 2015 before being traded to the Rockets.

PRIGGIE SMALLS IS THE ILLEST!!! I know it’s pathetic, but the mere thought of Pablo Prigioni potentially returning to MSG is probably best thing to happen to Knicks fans since the Super Team was shocking upset out of a playoff spot by 11 other Eastern Conference teams. Yup, news that a backup defensive-first point guard might sign on as an assistant coach is the closest thing Knicks fans have to happiness right now. I thought sending Clyde to the lottery would be the spark needed to burn down the dreary Scar-era Pride Rock shit going on at the Garden and bring new life back to MSG (with Kristaps obviously playing the role of the returning son/king Simba). Instead the Knicks once again slid backwards in the lottery and we are all just waiting for the next Phil or Dolan-inspired boner to poke us in the eye.

But Pablo returning would be one way to make Knicks fans happy. Sure Dolan brought back Spree and a bunch of other guys from the 1999 team. But that was so clearly an absolutely terrible move to try to stop the P.R. bleeding that the Oakley situation caused. Pablo is everything this team has been missing. Defense, fundamentals, and old man moves out the ass.

You know what next week is? That’s right, Grit Week. Pablo Prigioni returning to the Knicks during Grit Week is exactly what the Knicks need to get back on track. Hire Pablo, get a point guard in the draft, trade Melo, build around KP, tank at the end of the season, draft Michael Porter Jr., have him sign his rookie contract with Kiss From A Rose playing in the background, and boom we are competing with the Celtics and Sixers for supremacy in the East for the next decade. That doesn’t even require any crazy free agent signings or Photoshops. Just the outside chance that the Knicks will actually tank the right way once they are eliminated from playoff contention sometime in February.

(It’s sad how easy it is to talk myself into the Knicks every year).