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Aisha Tyler Paying Her Now Ex-Husband An Absurd $31,000 A Month In Spousal Support Is A Win For Men, I Think

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TMZ – Aisha Tyler’s marriage to Jeff Tietjens is officially over, but she’ll still be sending him checks for quite a while.

“The Talk” host and “Archer” actress has been ordered to pay her ex-husband $31,250 per month in spousal support over the next 4 years, plus an additional $500k. Do the math … that’s $2 mil for Jeff.

The 2 will split everything else. Tietjens gets half the money they made from selling their house. He gets the 2012 Lexus and she gets the 2013 Tesla. Aisha also keeps her companies — BTDO Media and Hot Machine.

I feel like as a guy after so many years seeing guys get taken to the cleaners by women in divorces, you should feel good seeing this Jeff Tietjens fella get paid. And if I were in his spot, I would definitely be overjoyed to be able to sit on my ass collecting millions of dollars for a few years just because I was able to put a ring on a chick with a rocketship career.

But it seems sort of sad to me that now women have to deal with such a stupid system where someone can get paid for their own successes and just because you were married throughout that, suddenly the ex-spouse who may not have had anything to do with it is getting paid too. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe there are some mitigating factors where she fucked things up and it was better to throw him that much money to make it all go away and ride off into the sunset in a Tesla. But there’s no fucking world in which a guy with no kids needs that much money to support himself after becoming financially dependent upon her. He could, and should, have his own career, his own earnings, and instead he’s being propped up by a woman who’s working a shitload with multiple shows. Again I would absolutely take the payday if offered…but it’s all a little emasculating and as unfair as any rich guy having to pay out the ass, no?

There is also a slight chance I’m biased because I’m a big fan of her playing Lana on Archer, fantastic show. And as far as pure cartoon sex appeal goes, you can have your Marge Simpsons and Lois Griffins, if I’m fucking one animated bad bitch it’s Lana:


Cheryl can definitely get it too, very foxy illustration work by the Archer team: