Some Dude Compiled All The Things Millennials Have 'Killed' According To The Media And It's An Impressive List

Millennials get a lot of shit as a generation and there’s nothing the media loves more than driving an idea firmly into the ground, particularly if it gets clicks every single time like a good ol’ fashioned generational hate piece does. But this right here has to be pretty vindicating right now for all the millennials out there. Seeing all the articles piling up one after the other, some of which outright conflicting with other articles, shows how little people actually do get millennials. I mean think about it: How can you actually label a generation of people anyway, particularly with how much technology has changed over the years? According to most sources, millennials were born from 1982 through 2002. Do you have any idea how big of a difference it is for a kid who grew up in the 80s versus a kid who grew up with the internet, had Facebook and iPhones for most of their lives, and lived in a far more politically correct? Those are totally different experiences in life and yet all of those people are filed away as “whiny entitled millennials,” and that’s not even accounting for race and wealth and things like that.

So yeah I guess it’s actually entirely possible that all these “millennials are killing ____” articles are accurate because they’re talking about totally different groups of people within that generation. Maybe black 20-year-olds are killing brunch, white 35-year-olds are killing vacations, Inuit 29-year-olds have wreaked havoc upon the blubber industry. Millennials working together to strip apart every single aspect of society until there’s nothing left but dog filtered Snapchat selfies and old Elite Daily articles. And we won’t stop until every single thing baby boomers love is dead. Teamwork makes the dream work.