Terrified Vegas Visitor Suing Planet Hollywood Because A Mannequin In His Room Scared Him To Injury

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ABC- A tourist from Southern California is suing a Las Vegas Strip hotel, claiming a life-sized mannequin in his darkened room caused him to flee and suffer injuries.

Kent Jacobs Boutwell filed the lawsuit Monday against the Planet Hollywood casino-hotel in Clark County District Court, seeking at least $10,000 in damages.

Boutwell said he was shocked and surprised by a human figure when he entered his darkened hotel room in the heart of the Strip in May 2015. As he tried to escape the room thinking that there was a person inside who was there to hurt him, he said he suffered serious injuries.

It turned out that the human figure was a mannequin wearing a “Miller Lite” racing suit that was locked in a glass cabinet.

Boutwell said the incident has left him limited in what he can do for work and fun, including a loss of life enjoyment. He’s seeking damages to cover his medical bills, attorney fees, pain and suffering and wages and earning potential.

The scariest thing on earth is when you think you’re alone in a room and you spot a shape that might be a human being/ghost. Also, pregnancy. But what separates the men from the financially opportunistic is that second glance, where you confirm that it’s not actually a human being/ghost. Most people take this second look, where we realize haha! Just a kitschy, decorative mannequin.

Not Kent Boutwell. He sees a shape and thinks, beyond a shadow of doubt, “there is a man wearing a Miller Lite jumpsuit sitting in a glass case in my room, and he’s going to kill me. Or force me to drink a Miller Lite.” Kent screams, sprints out of the room, and somehow hits every obstacle on the way because running is hard. Light fixtures, carpets, and elevator doors all combine to form a collision gauntlet.

This is a man whose delicate mind hangs forever on the precipice of a complete meltdown. I don’t even know what he’s doing in Vegas. Sensory overload, triggers everywhere. Either that, or he’s just incredibly opportunistic. Decides to take a Vegas hotel for $10,000 in injury claims. If Danny Ocean were played by Woody Allen.