Zuckerberg Unleashed An All Time Fist Pump When He Found Out He Was Accepted To Harvard

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We sleep on the number of home videos are lost in the great abyss. Camcorders were the shit back in the day. We had one of those camcorders where it filmed it on the little tape that you then popped into a bigger VHS to play it in the VCR. That sentence makes less than zero sense to a ton of people reading this, but I promise it was awesome. In today’s day and age (fuck you Nate don’t say something that makes you sound ancient) everyone has every last moment of their kid uploaded to Facebook and Insta and an endless other number of Apps.

But nothing will ever replicate the home video with the dad in the background making awful dad jokes, which is why I love Zuck’s video so much. It’s everything we grew up with, and then his fist pump for getting into Harvard was so perfectly Zuck

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A nice little fist pump to appease his dad before getting back to hacking whatever website he was on.

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And now all these years later, and 61.3 BILLION DOLLARS later, he is finally getting his degree. 61.3 billion dollars. Like…ok. Just think about that. It’s such an unfathomable amount of money, it is hard to even comprehend that one person has that much. And he’s just casually getting his degree and giving the commencement speech next week. Suck it Winklevoss twins. Suck it.

PS: Shout out to the good boy

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