Detachable Jeans That Can Become Jean Shorts Are Apparently A Thing




Harper’s Bazaar- We’ve seen a lot of questionable jean trends this year from Topshop’s clear plastic jeans to Vetement’s bum-bearing offering. Now, Opening Ceremony has teamed up with the Y/Project to create a pair of detachable jeans than turn into super-short shorts, originally spotted by the Metro. While attached the jeans show off your “under-butt” and are separated by unbuttoning the trousers to reveal some high-rise shorts and come in two colours, acid wash and black.

Usually I hate any and all things fashion, but I’m buying what these weirdos are selling. Well not literally because they aren’t out for men yet let alone huuuuge men like myself. But still, this is a great idea. Can you imagine walking into a party and ripping off your jeans like a basketball player taking off his tearaways as he checks into a game? Chicks will be swooning left and right while jumping off of chandeliers and shit to see what’s under that denim like one of those old school AXE body spray commercials. Especially if you flash a little ass cheek before the grand reveal. Plus if these become hot in the streets, jorts are officially back, which would be awesome for the human party known as Pat McAfee.

The only problem I have with these modern marvels is that timing is off because you need pants that turn into shorts and vice versa during early Spring or early fall. It’s like 8,000 degrees outside already here in New York (one of the few places with assholes that would wear this type of stuff). Releasing these jeanjort hybrids now would be like releasing Call Me Maybe after the summer is over. You have to know what season to hit unleash your genius creation on the world. Something tells me these were a few weeks too late. Hopefully the male version of them hit the shelves in April when the mornings are cold but the afternoons can get hot.