Isaiah Thomas Selected To The All NBA 2nd Team



Thank GOD. I am really really happy I do not have to get mad online today. Rightfully deserved, Isaiah Thomas earned a spot on the All NBA 2nd team. One of the top 10 player seasons in the league in 2017. Amazing. John Wall? Nope. Chris Paul? Nope. Damian Lillard? Nope. Kyle Lowry? Nope. KYRIE IRVING? Ha good one. We heard in October the hot start wouldn’t last, then it did. Then they said he couldn’t keep up that pace after the All Star Break. And he did. Then they said he couldn’t do it in the playoffs. And he is. This announcement is just as much a big deal for all of us on #TeamIsaiah than it is for the real Isaiah. All the hours fighting on Twitter dealing with morons, this makes it all worth it. The proof is in the pudding. Isaiah has developed his game to become one of the elite PGs in the entire NBA. These are now facts not opinion.

Think about this for a second. The Celtics are going to have an All NBA talent on a $6M deal next year. That is INSANE. Look at every single person on both of those first two teams. They are all max players. The question of whether or not Isaiah deserves a max deal is pretty simple. If he’s going to produce on THIS level, he has earned his money.

A couple other notable things from this list

– No super max for either Gordon Hayward OR Paul George. That really sucks because that was probably the only thing those franchises had as a bargaining chip to prevent them from walking. Now since the money will be somewhat equal (I think), they could very well say see ya later. As a Celtics fan, this stands out.

– Interesting that AD made it over Gobert, considering team success. Didn’t AD lose out on money because he got boned out of an All NBA first team or something before he signed his extension? Maybe this was a make good or something.

– Had KD not gotten hurt, does he take Kawhi’s spot on the 1st team?

– Could you make the argument that John Wall deserved Curry’s spot on the 2nd team? Obviously Curry had a great year, but I’d entertain the debate.

– Enough is enough. KAT is better than DeAndre Jordan and he deserves to be an All NBA player. I’d bet he gets the nod next year.

– Shouts to whoever voted for Horford.

So congratulations Isaiah on a well deserved 2nd team. Thank you for validating my entire Twitter existence.