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Major League Baseball Is Investigating Kevin Pillar For Possibly Using A Homophobic Slur

ALCS - Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians - Game Two

MLB: We’re conducting an investigation to see whether or not Kevin Pillar called Jason Motte a “fag”.

Rest of the world: Yup, he did.

I also don’t understand why there was an investigation, either. He basically admitted it after the game and was somewhat apologetic. SportsNet has the video.

I feel like I’ve written multiple blogs that have included the sentence “and this is why people hate the Blue Jays,” but this is why people hate the Blue Jays. I could link to multiple blogs with multiple examples of why they’re so unlikable, but I think the general public just already knows by now, so it’s no secret.

I do want to make one quick point, though — let’s not act like Pillar is the first or only athlete who has used that word on the field of play before. It probably happens multiple times on a nightly basis in all sports. Pillar just so happened to say it while the camera was zoomed in on his face. And just because it happens a lot doesn’t make it right, obviously. But at the same time, let’s not make it out to be that Pillar has a monthly subscription to I Hate Gays magazine and has a voodoo doll of Lance Bass at his house. He’s an idiot for saying it, even if it was a heat of the moment thing. Now he’s gotta take his lumps, because ain’t nobody got time for hate speech in 2017.

UPDATE: Pillar tweeted an apology.