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Ben Simmons Sister Is Getting Attention For Firing Shots At Lavar/Lonzo Ball, Needs To Shut Her Shit

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TMZ - Ben Simmons may be a quiet guy … but his SISTER is firing shots at Lonzo and LaVar Ball. Olivia Simmons is clearly fed up with the media circus surrounding the Big Baller Brand family … and called upon her Philadelphia 76ers star brother to personally shut them up.

Yo Olivia, your mouth is writing checks your ass can’t cash. No, not cause Ben Simmons can’t or won’t dunk all over little Ball in a game. Simmons can swing his nuts all over anyone as he pleases on the court. It’s more about bringing unnecessary attention to your brother. The last thing this Process needs is a target on its back before its ready to come to fruition (in hopefully sooner than never years). Fight your own fight, lady. Don’t bring baby bro into the battle just cause Lavar Ball is a sexist, worthless piece of shit. Also, on the absolute nonexistent chance Lonzo is available at pick #3, we don’t need anyone to splash bad blood onto the Sixers family before it’s even full. That’s Step-Daddy Colangelo’s job once a few high priced veterans are available to bring in and rip this household apart. Here’s looking at you, Kyle Lowry, the first possible step-brother of many. RIP to our biological father, Sam, who died attempting to save us all.

But for real, don’t bring your brother into their mess. He has enough to worry about not shattering his shit on an hourly basis. Now do me a favor, relax, and cue it up.