Getting Lit In Saudi Arabia: Toby Keith, Rabeh Saqer The Lutist, And Donald Trump, Baby!



Talk about Saturdays Are For The Boys! Nothing says SAFTB like a Saudi Arabian party with your closest pals AND the government is helping you out because NO GIRLS ALLOWED! Looks like we are getting the old club back together again, folks.


“Hey Chaps, I don’t mean to be a wet blanket. I know Toby Keith’s jams, of which there are many, but I’m not too familiar with the lute. Can you fill me in so I can darty (sober style) with the rest of my Saudi pals?”

Of course I can! Thursday morning jam session comin at ya!

Let’s fuckin goooooooooo!

My goodness. What a party. What a scene. What a day.

Dont think Toby will have this one on his playlist.

But, I would gladly order the pay per view to see this crowd singing their hearts out with Toby to a little Red, White, and Blue.