Wake Up With Larry Walker Hitting A Walk-Off Homer With The Expos (1994)

Pour one out for the Expos. Pour one out for the 1994 MLB season. Pour one out for Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame chances. This most recent Hall of Fame ballot was Walker’s seventh stab at attaining the 75% of the vote necessary to gain entrance to Cooperstown, and he managed a mere 21.9%. Of the 34 players on the ballot, Walker had the sixth best WAR (72.6), which was better than both Tim Raines (69.1) and Pudge Rodriguez (68.4), who both got in, and not far off from Jeff Bagwell (79.6), who rounded out the 2017 class. Not that WAR is the only thing you should look at when establishing a Hall of Fame case, but it’s a pretty good place to start. When it comes to Walker’s Hall of Fame induction, it’s a lot like the Expos’ 1994 World Series celebration. Sadly, we’ll never see it.