An 'Anti-Racism Strategist' Tweeted That Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Charges Are Nothing More Than Racism

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Hmm let’s go to the tape….



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So somehow not only is it classic racial oppression that Bill Cosby is going to trial for the sexual assault of almost 60 women…a crime he’s previously joked about publicly frequently:

It’s also somehow racist that the media “sprinkled in” the black accusers into stories, despite them making up a majority of the group, because that’s simply how much the world wanted to tear down this powerful icon of black entertainment. I mean come the fuck on. The system can sometimes be very unfair, there’s no arguing that. But a multi-multimillionaire whom the world turned a blind eye to the vigorous sexual assault of who’s finally facing justice for decades of crime is not the one you need to play the “When will the legal system be fair to minorities?” card with. It’s not even like you as a black leader have to reluctantly offer up Bill Cosby as a sacrificial lamb. There’s a very high likelihood the man did very fucked up things for an ungodly amount of time to your own people, don’t you owe it to them to have their backs too? It’s like a spin on the old expression: Once may be an accident, twice may a coincidence, 60 fucking incidents of sexual assault in which half occurred to the people from the aggrieved race is not racism.

Anyway maybe it’s just personal preference but I’d say Dave Chappelle may have done a slightly better job than Tariq here summing up the issues with Bill Cosby: