Australian Fisherman With Colossal Testicles Fash-Mushes A Great White Shark In Game Of Tug-O-War

NY Post- Bia, behold the most frightening game of tug of war, and possibly the most Australian fisherman there is.

Chilling footage, recently uploaded by Australian man Nic Wilks, shows a very gutsy fisherman trying to get his fishing net back from a great white shark.

The great white appeared alongside Wilks and his father’s boat as they were fishing off the coast of Port Pirie, north of Adelaide.

Even though the shark appears to have blood on its nose and in its mouth, Wilks alerted his Instagram followers that his “dad loves sharks, it was all a good laugh, the shark was not hurt at all, thanks.”

Haha what a silly fishy! Trying to play tug-of-war with Nic “Thunderballs” Wilks. Guess what, shark? You chose the wrong fisherman to play with. This guy suffers no fools. He’s Australian as the day is long. Not the first great white shark he’s face-palmed and it won’t be the last.

“Fookin’ idiot! Fook off!” Words you might say to an angry cyclist who is telling you to share the road. Or maybe a telemarketer. Meanwhile, Nic “Holy shit, look at the size of his testicles” Wilks says them casually, dismissively, to sharks he’s vanquished.

Nic “we’re gonna need a bigger boat, to fit his balls” Wilks doesn’t have time for pesky games with a sea creature that half our country fears. Nic “Is that the moon? No, it’s just his left ball” Wilks is exactly what you’d expect from an Aussie fisherman. If only Hemingway’s Santiago had balls this big, maybe he’d have brought that fish home.