Eric Sogard's Daughter Is Heartbroken After Padres Walk-Off Win Vs. Her Dad's Brewers

Who says that baseball’s dying and that only old white dudes care about this sport? WRONG! This is the passion that Rob Manfred would kill for. MLB needs that young crowd to be living and dying on every single pitch, and when their favorite team loses, it’s quite literally the end of the world. Need more baseball fans like Eric Sogard’s adorable daughter out there. But on the other hand, this is also great parenting. If you’re going to be a baseball fan for life, then it’s definitely best to be brought up during a time when your team isn’t winning championship after championship.

Yankee fans that grew up with those late 90’s Yankee teams later became those insufferable, entitled, 27-ring bragging douchebags, and the same thing goes for the kids who grew up in New England during this reign of terror that began in 2001 and has yet to end. I think it’s better to cut your teeth as a sports fan with shitty teams when you’re younger so that you can actually appreciate winning when you’re older, versus grow up thinking that your team is going to be the best forever. Newsflash — they ain’t.

PS — Have a more picture perfect family than the Sogard family. You can’t.

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