College Bro Has A Paper Due At Midnight So He Takes His Laptop To The Club To Finish It Up And Sends It At 11:59

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Daily MailA brilliant video shows an under-pressure student taking his laptop on a night out and submitting his assignment, in which he got a first, from a club – just one minute before the deadline.

University of Gloucestershire student Lawrence Kemp can be seen celebrating with pals in the club at 11.59pm, as he submits the essay on a MacBook Pro.

The full video, taken by piecing together several Snapchats, documents the whole evening, as the Business Management student is pressurised by his flatmates to come out.

…Lawrence is miraculously convinced by friends that he can complete the work whilst partying in Cheltenham, and is seen in a later clip, in the club pressing ‘send’ on his Mac.

Pals cheer, as he finally submits the essay, with a Snapchat filter showing the time to be 11.59pm.

Here’s what you won’t remember about college – that paper you scored a little bit lower than usual on because you didn’t do your absolute best work on it and submitted it a little too late.  What you will remember – every good time you had with your friends.  From the biggest massive club nights to the stupid ass random weeknights just drinking at the local bars. No bad grade or angry email from a professor will outweight the crushing FOMO that you’ll have for the rest of your life missing just one single night with your buddies.

Now, if you do it for every assignment and fail everything, and don’t graduate, or graduate with such a dogshit GPA it leaves you with absolutely no job prospects – well, then you’ve got an issue.   But one dumb paper?  Would have been fine with Lawrence just skipping it altogether.  But being able to finish it up literally at the club?  Even better.

 Lawrence’s friend Danny Cotter explains the behaviour was not like Lawrence at all.

Danny said: ‘He’s actually usually academically good, he always gets first or a 2:1.

‘Our friend works in the club so he got us in with it by convincing the bouncers it was fine.’

Admitting he was ‘delighted’ with his score of 81, he added: ‘To be perfectly honest, I had started a few days prior, but I left my last 750 words and editing to last minute.

‘I fully intended on going out as I hadn’t been out in a while, but the assignment took longer than I thought.

‘So I was reluctant to join my mates until I finished, but I knew I was capable of editing work and enjoying the night,’ he said.

In addition to his great grade Lawrence was able to keep the MacBook in the cloakroom in the club for the rest of the evening, and continued partying with friends.

That advice is free by the way.