The Sixers Swap With The Kings, Get The 3rd Pick, Should Take Josh Jackson And Call It A Day

When the pick swap hits!

The Kings rose to the third pick in the draft and the Sixers landed at five, but thanks to the swap, we’ll be in the top three. As I said yesterday, I would have preferred, to get the Lakers pick this year, but having the unprotected pick next year allows us to have our assets all in a row.

If we had the number one pick, it would have been simple. Markelle Fultz would be the pick. At three it’s a little more precarious. We clearly need guards and it’s a point guard rich draft, but Josh Jackson is looking like a top talent and good fit.

There are a handful of players you could make a case for, assuming Fultz and Ball go first and second. Malik Monk will have a ton of people salivating over the spacing he would create. De’Aaron Fox or Dennis Smith Jr. are both super-talented and would plug a glaring hole on the roster. People will surely clamor for Jayson Tatum or Jonathan Isaac, but Jackson seems to be the two-way fit we need.

Fox and Smith seem too Ball dominant to mix with what the Sixers seem to want to do with Simmons. Tatum is a ball stopper too, and not as athletic as Jackson. Isaac would contribute to the front court log jam and leaves a glaring need at the wing/guard, and Monk, as much of an offensive juggernaut he is, seems defensively inefficient and is clearly undersized.

I’m aware that dunks and fancy layups do not a star player make, but this guy is a legit high flyer.

Not to mention his ability to guard damn near anyone on the floor.

Plus he’s an underrated passer. He has way better vision than a Tatum-type-player.


It looks like it’s gonna be Jackson, so we might as well start falling in love now.