Can We Get Gregg Popovich's Thoughts On LaMarcus Aldridge's Closeout On Kevin Durant Last Night?

I know that Gregg Popovich is the big scary man that doesn’t like answering questions, but I think someone needs to ask him about LaMarcus Aldridge’s feet being directly under Kevin Durant’s when KD landed. If Zaza Pachulia should be thrown in jail for manslaughter of Kawhi Leonard’s ankle when we was running toward Kawhi, I think Pop could answer this weak ass Aldridge closeout that may or may not have been retribution. I mean I know how Pop felt about Aldridge’s game last night in general.

Hmmm, Pop thinks that LaMarcus was timid last night. Now some would say that Pop thought Aldridge was timid on offense. But maybe Pop is looking for a guy who closes out a little stronger directly under a shooters legs like I don’t know, Bruce Bowen.

KD didn’t have a problem with it, but he is also two wins away from going fo’, fo’, fo’ through the Western Conference Playoffs.

Unfortunately Pop acts like a huge cocksucker when reporters ask regular questions, so asking a question that would be a shot at his player may cause him to blast off into space. But I think it’s a fair question nonetheless. Then again, I may just be cranky because I’m tired and my team has been the biggest laughingstock in the NBA this entire century. Whatever. Fuck Pop. Fuck soft ass Aldridge. Fuck the NBA.