I Appreciate The Effort It Took For This Preds Fan To Sneak A Skinned Duck Into Game 3 Of The Western Conference Final

If you’ve been paying any attention so far, you know that Nashville has the rowdiest fans left in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Edmonton’s fans were a close 2nd but the Oilers are out now. The Nashville fans have been wild all postseason and the results speak for themselves. The Predators are 6-0 so far these playoffs at home (10-0 in their last 10). And you don’t win 10 straight playoff games at home without having fans go through the effort of skinning a duck, preparing the duck, sneaking the skinned duck through security and then proceed to throw said duck on the ice purely for intimidation purposes. Luckily for the Preds, they have those those types of fans.

And I know that fans in Detroit do this kind of shit all the time with octopus. And I know that Predators fans have done this before with catfish. But to take the other teams’ mascot, skin it and then throw it on the ice? That’s next level. I just hope the Predators don’t meet the Senators in the next round.

via r/hockey, here is our hero’s documented journey to greatness.



Really have to appreciate the artistry here. Is this somewhat of a serial killer tendency? Perhaps. But sometimes a fan’s gotta do what a fan’s gotta do.

Also–Not gonna lie… that duck is lookin pretty low key thicc.


Team work makes the dream work.


Kind of off topic here but when are fanny packs going to come back in style? So fucking practical without having to wear cargo shorts.


Well well well… WHO do we have here?? Sup.


My man has an entire duck strapped to his stomach and he still looks like he’s less of a bag of mayo than any Penguins fan. Good for him.

And while all of this is going on, the Tennessee Titans O-line is in the building just gassin’ beers to get the crowd going before the game.

No word on any knucks were chucked after but they seem like some gentlemen who respect tradition. Party SZN. Party is a Predators Party, by the way.