Gregg Popovich Has Never Been Asked A Question That He Deemed To Be Worthy Of An Answer

I’ve long hated the pass we give Gregg Popovich for being an absolute dickhead to the media for no good reason. He just sits up on his iron throne and claims every question asked to him isn’t worthy of a response, whether it’s a good question or not. Regardless of what he is asked, he always has some sort of snippy, too cool for school, I’m better than you answer. Sometimes it’s good natured, but most of the time he is simply just being an asshole. As dumb and outdated as it is, the media is there to get quotes for their columns, they are doing their jobs the best they can, and Pop goes out of his way to make it as hard as possible for them.

Again, if every question actually sucked, that’d be one thing. But in his head, every question that he is asked doesn’t deserve a real answer. He’ll be asked about defensive matchups and roll his eyes. He’ll be asked about a particular player, and if he doesn’t want to answer, he’ll yell at the reporter for bringing it up.

Belichick gives smart ass responses to questions, but from what we know about Belichick, he isn’t doing it to be a dick, it’s just how he talks. Pop, on the other hand, goes out of his way to be a smarmy asshole to reporters.

Is the entire idea of the post-game press conference and especially the on-court, in-game interview pretty dumb to begin with? Absolutely. But it’s part of the job and the pass Pop gets for being as big of an asshole as possible is tiring. It’s not that it matters, but I just can’t imagine what the backlash would be if it was anyone else, especially a player, acting childish like that.