Sixers' Balls Run Out Of Juice But Thanks To Hinkie (RIP), Get 3rd Overall Pick

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NEW YORK - What’s not to like? The 76ers did not receive the first and fourth overall picks – the best-case scenario – in the June 22 NBA draft. However, they still walked away from Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery pretty pleased. They will select third in next month’s event. The pick came via the Sacramento Kings. The Boston Celtics will pick first overall, while the Los Angeles Lakers will select second. The Sixers received the rights to swap picks with the Kings in a 2015 trade. The Sixers would have had the fifth pick if not for the swap. The Sixers had hoped to gain the Lakers’ pick, also acquired in a trade, but Los Angeles had to finish out of the top three for that to happen. Meanwhile, the Sixers had a 14.7 percent chance of winning the lottery because they finished with league’s fourth-worst record and had the right to swap picks with the Sacramento Kings.

Not the best situation. Not the worst. Whatever. For the 3rd time in 4 years of tankage, the Sixers land the #3 pick overall. Embiid and Okafor were the first two tres selections, and we’ll see who they end up taking here. Early consensus over here at Barstool Philly is Josh Jackson, but again, we’ll see. It could be worse (See: Clem and his Knicks), but dammit, it could’ve been a lot better. Oh well.

Meanwhile at Xfinity they’re raising banners over a fictitious movement that essentially represented one of the most losing period in sports history. #OnlyInPhilly.