A Woman Being Cheated On Confronted Her Husband And His Side Chick At A Walmart In Classy Walmart Shopper Fashion

Sad this whole problem could have been avoided if the side chick grabbed a Snickers to help satisfy the main chick’s hunger:

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.19.34 PM

She’s not her when she’s hungry. But really as much as I enjoy side chick drama, has anything more summed up why Amazon is now worth twice as much as Walmart than this clip? When I order some dog food or a household item from Amazon now, it shows up in my package room in two days, I don’t have to deal with anyone, a hint of foresight and I saved myself a ton of time and effort and maybe a few bucks in the process. But you go to Walmart, you’re either subject to being around this kind of drama better saved for internet videos or you might even find yourself right in the middle of it. And it would be entirely your fault. We’ve seen busted cheating videos, fight videos, racism, all kinds of deplorable humanity on display in Walmarts. And yet people still go there, partially because they have no choice, partially because they’re too lazy to go anywhere else. But the reality is every Walmart is like an old Native American burial ground, likely haunted with the demons of the trash of all imaginable ethnicities and the awful things they’ve done or would do within their four walls.

Bottom line: This whole situation gets avoided with an Amazon Prime membership, a Snickers, or a more judicious penis. It doesn’t get solved meeting up with your hefty side chick at a big box department store. Point: Online shopping, heavily advertised candy bars, and marital fidelity.