These Girls Attempting To Kill One, Single Cockroach Is...Something

Well that’s certainly not a the best look for the female species. I get they’re taking on one of the few creatures that can survive a nuclear holocaust. Conversely, they’re multiple, (seemingly) intelligent members of the human race battling a single, slow moving insect. Maybe, just maybe the task shouldn’t be THAT difficult and/or sound like a freaking horror movie. Your boy KFC always says stereotypes exist for a reason, and this video simply helps that notion. However, good on the supposed Alpha Lady for giving the harmless insect a solid 200 shoe stomps after it was already declared dead. Always gotta be sure. I think. Good God, woman.

PS – It may or may not be relevant, but this reminded me of one of my favorite Man vs. Pest videos in recent history as we see Calves attempt to rid a raccoon off his porch. The rabies was well worth his footage.

Coons! When raccoons try to get in our back porch Mama just sweep ‘em off with a broom. Not as easy as it sounds, Mrs. Gump. Ya whore.