Celtics Did Take One L As This Dude In The Crowd Got His Face Caved In Last Night

Ho hum, just a quick face demolition in the stands last night where that pool of blood looks like someone on the set of The Walking Dead dropped their make-up kit. Probably not the win that Wizards fans were looking for but when you’ve suffered for as long as people from DC has, you take what you can get. See Boston fans can afford to take a loss in the crowd, that’s what we sacrifice for TWENTY THREE trips to the conference finals since 2000 (that is just so absurd). DC fans haven’t enjoyed anywhere near that success, they’ve got zero since ’98, so good for them on this one. I hope they went home happy and did a little celebrating.

PS – Of all the jobs in all the world I think I’d hate mopping up blood with a BAC of like .3 more than anything.